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About The Martin Health Insurance Agency

The Martin Health Insurance agency, member of Healthcare Solutions Team, LLC, is built around serving you. Whether a single policy fits your personal needs or a customized package of policies works best for your family we can put together the right solution. 

On-Exchange Marketplace (ACA) plans, Off-Exhange options, Short Term Health Insurance policies, Fixed Benefit plans, Accident Insurance Plans, Dental, Vision  even Life Insurance  policies... all are available.  

Turning 65? We've got you covered then too. Medicare can often be confusing and making timely decisions is important.  We are dedicated to help our clients understand what is involved with Medicare and the options available. That's why we don't make a Instant Quote option available on the site. Such an important decision shouldn't be made in an Instant. Call us at 313-229-3744 & we will give you the information needed to make an educated decision. 
Foreign travel at any age is exciting. The Martin Health Insurance Agency keeps that excitement from turning into worry about the high cost of medical treatment abroad. Whether you are a weekend traveler, a student, missionary or full-time ex-pat we have the coverages that you should pack.

We can even help your small business by creating Group policies that work for your employees and your budget. Call us at 314-229- 3744 to get started. 

Obtaining coverage is just the start. We want to be your first call for all of your health & life insurance needs. As laws and your situations change The Martin Health Insurance Agency is there to help.

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